Research Interests

- The moral, social and political philosophy of language
- Adaptive political theory
- Academic philosophy and metalinguistic awareness
- Ethics, aesthetics and music
- Interdisciplinarity in the social sciences and the humanities
- Complexity theory and ethics in public policy research

Current Research Projects

- Linguistic Dignity and Mental Health
- Moral Relationality and the Limits of Language
- Expressivity and the Phenomenology of Depression
- Public Health Ethics in Multilingual and Multicultural Societies
- The Fair Terms of Linguistic Integration (with Leigh Oakes)
- The Ethics of Boycotting (special issue project for the Journal of Applied Philosophy, with Daniel Weinstock)
- Interdisciplinarity and Complex Adaptive Systems in Applied Ethics

Past Research Projects

- Linguistic Justice in the French-Speaking World (with Leigh Oakes)
- Towards a Contextual Theory of Linguistic Justice (Banting Postdoctoral Project)
- Language Ethics as a Field of Inquiry (with Daniel Weinstock)