Talks 2016-17

- ‘Political Agency in Multilingual Realities’, The Politics of Multilingualism: Possibilities and Challenges. the Amsterdam School for Transnational, Regional and European Studies, Universiteit van Amsterdam (May 22-24).

- ‘The Political Ethics of Linguistic In-Betweenness', Language and Politics in the United States and Canada: Taking Stock on the Occasion of the 150th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation. Banff Professional Development Centre (June 8-10).

Research Development and Training

- Science Colloquium on the Health of Canada’s Official Language Minority Communities February, Health Canada. International Development Research Centre, Ottawa (February 27-28).

- Action Table: Improving Mental Health Service Planning for IRER (immigrant, refugee, ethnocultural and racialized) Populations, the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC). Ottawa (March 28-29).

Talks 2015-16

- ‘Healthcare Provision for Migrants: (Mis)managing Language Barriers’, international interdisciplinary workshop on Health Care Provision for Migrants: Comparing Approaches to Ethical Challenges in Germany and the United Kingdom. Institute of Ethics, History and Theory of Medicine, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (March 14-18).

- ‘Language and the Limits of Justice’, panel on Liberalism and the Politics of Language. PSA 66th Annual International Conference, Brighton (March 21-23).

- ‘Linguistic Diversity and Epistemic Injustice in a Mobile World’ (with Matteo Bonotti), international workshop on The Multicultural Question in a Mobile World, European University Institute (April 7-8).

- ‘What’s so Special about Language? A Political Philosophy Approach’ (with David Robichaud). The Language Management Interdisciplinary Research Group, University of Ottawa (April 14).

- ‘Liberal Democracy, Linguistic Diversity and Epistemic Injustice’ (with Matteo Bonotti), international conference on Cultural Diversity and Liberal Democracy: Models, Policies and Practices. York University (April 19-20).

- ‘Language Ethics and the Interdisciplinary Challenge’, study day on Language, Power, Ethics and Superdiversity. Centre for Language, Communication and Discourse, King’s College London (May 13).

- ‘Mental Health and Linguistic Dignity’, workshop on Language and Health. Cardiff University (May 16).